How to Survive When Your Refrigeration Equipment Breaks

There is one thing which every bar, restaurant, fast-food outlet, and other venues have in common. They all require refrigeration equipment to keep the food fresh and the drinks cold. So what do you do when the worst case scenario happens and the main kitchen cool room is no longer cold?

Many restaurants can hold thousands of dollars worth of food in stock, ready to be prepared and served to customers. Most of that food must be kept refrigerated or frozen to ensure it is safe to eat. When a chiller room or freezer decides to stop working, it is only a matter of time before the temperature starts rising and the food, and your business, is put at risk refrigerator repair pasadena.

So how do you survive when your refrigeration equipment loses its cool?

Call a reputable refrigeration company NOW. Do not hesitate, grab the phone and call them as quickly as possible. The quicker you contact them, the faster an engineer can be there to fix the problem. Many companies offer 24/7 service and can get an engineer to you within the hour.
Move any perishable food items into another chiller as quickly as possible. This is important to prevent loss of earnings from damaged stock, and also helps by improving access for the engineer who will need to inspect the equipment inside the chiller.
If you do not have a second chiller available, grab as much ice as you can find and place it in buckets inside the cool room. A good tip is to sprinkle rock salt liberally over the top of the ice. This causes the ice to melt at a much faster rate, drawing heat energy out of the air in the cool room in the process. This will help keep the temperature as low as possible. Keep the door shut to prevent any heat from entering the chiller.
Take steps to prevent this nightmare scenario from happening again.
Remember, prevention is better than cure.

Talk to your refrigeration company and ask them to create a 3 monthly maintenance programme specifically for your needs. Many refrigeration faults and breakdowns are caused by a simple lack of maintenance and in many cases can be prevented. As an added bonus your equipment will run more efficiently and cost less to run.

Preventative maintenance is cheaper than many people expect and is well worth undertaking. Maintain your equipment correctly and not only will you save money in the long run, you can relax with knowing that your refrigeration gear is in good hands.

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