Guide to Maytag Refrigerators

When looking at replacing your old refrigerator, one line you definitely want to take a look at is the Maytag Refrigerators. The Maytag company was created in 1907 by Frederick Maytag and the name is now synonymous with quality, performance and of course the “Lonely Repair man”! This helped solidify the Maytag brand name and make it a house hold name all across America.

Rivaling Maytags association with exceptional washing machines maytag refrigerator repair pasadena, the Maytag refrigerator line is no joke! They have some of the most remarkable products on the market and should always be at the top of any ones list. Some of their models include great features like, side by side doors, French doors and refrigerators with bottom freezers. These models break the mold of unreliable 25 cubic feet capacity refrigerators, as they are extremely reliable and smooth running. They apply all the latest and greatest cooling systems that will guarantee that your food will stay fresh for your family for an extended period of time.

The Maytag brand was recently purchased by the Whirlpool Corporation. This now brings the Maytag brand into the Whirlpool family to join the likes of Jenn-Air, Kitchen Aid, and Amana. These are all wonderful brands and its nice to see Maytag join these other great refrigerator lines. Despite this don’t expect the workmanship of any Maytag refrigerators to decline, as Whirlpool has proven themselves to be a stand up company over the life the brand. As of right now, there is a variety of around 50 refrigerators with a price point that falls anywhere between $650 and $2700. Many Maytag refrigerators have the energy star certification. This along with their reputation of sustained quality and fresh looks, should help you in your decision on what Maytag refrigerators to purchase.

Here are 3 tips for purchasing your new Maytag Refrigerator:

First, when you are searching for your replacement refrigerator, price is always a factor. While the extra features are very important they all come with a price. It’s very important to set your budget BEFORE going shopping for your Maytag refrigerator as its very easy to get pie eyed when looking at all the features and coming home with more of a refrigerator than you need.

Second, you need to get out your tape measure! It is imperative that you know the exact dimensions that your kitchen will allow for a refrigerator. Its like my father used to say all the time, “measure twice, cut once”. This one simple act will save you a tremendous amount of headaches down the road. Once you have your dimensions set you can begin looking at all the Maytag refrigerators that will fit in your kitchen.

Lastly, you need to take a tally of your family’s food storage needs. Do you buy in bulk and freeze? Do you buy organic and want to keep that as fresh as possible for as long as possible? All these factors will assist you in narrowing down your choices and help you find the PERFECT Maytag refrigerators!

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